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This is where to find the books I’ve used in different Ambleside Online years, the adaptions I made and specific book resources I’ve put together. I’ve used AO with my four youngest children and sometimes I’ve used different books with different children so there may be more than one post for some years. By Year 12 my children who were university bound were doing the SAT I exams, Open University subjects, part-time work, as well as books I assigned so I haven’t recorded most of that here as it was more personalised.

Scroll down for posts on some specific Charlotte Mason practices that we’ve used or use the search function on the right.

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Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

– for resources for Madame How & Lady Why see here (updated 2021)

Year 5

– guide for Kim by Rudyard Kipling (updated 2021)

Other posts related to Year 5: * * *

Year 6 – and here: * * * *

Year 7 – see also:

Highlights from Term 1; Year 7 Highlights; Year 7 History; A Look at a Week in AO Year 7; Modifications to AO Year 7

Year 8

Year 8 & 9 in 18 months

Year 9; History & Geography Part 2;

Year 10

Year 11 and here: *

Year 12 & here; here; Planning Post; Books; Week 4; an Update *

Towards an Australian Charlotte Mason Curriculum

Notebooks in a Charlotte Mason Education

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Notebooks for Nature Study, Science, Bible, Poetry & Hymn Study

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