Ambleside Online Year 11

This is our Year 11 Australian/personalised adaption of Ambleside Online. We've just finished for the year and this is my final update...unless I've forgotten something. Bible/Devotions *  **  * *** In The Steps of the Master by H.V. Morton - Bible History & Geography * Knowing God by J.I. Packer - continued from last year ** The … Continue reading Ambleside Online Year 11

Keeping Notebooks & a Bookish Update

I started a monthly or thereabouts Charlotte Mason newsletter about 18 months ago. Since moving to WordPress the link to request the newsletter doesn't work. I've had a few queries about Notebooks recently but it's a topic that comes up quite often so I've started writing about Notebooks in a Charlotte Mason education and sending … Continue reading Keeping Notebooks & a Bookish Update

A Combination of Mystery & History: The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey (1951)

The Daughter of Time is an unusual type of crime mystery in that a piece of English history is resurrected and brought into the 20th Century to be investigated. It concerns the reign of Richard III and the murder of the Princes in the Tower. Josephine Tey’s Inspector Alan Grant of Scotland Yard conducts his … Continue reading A Combination of Mystery & History: The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey (1951)

Ambleside Online Year 6: looking back on the week

We finished Shakespeare's King Lear yesterday. Moozle wrote this narration on the play today in 'the style of Plutarch.'     I've mentioned in previous posts that we were watching a movie version of King Lear on YouTube. We've got as far as the end of the eighth video but I'll probably skip at least … Continue reading Ambleside Online Year 6: looking back on the week

Weekly Review & Caffeine Withdrawals

This is my second week of no caffeine. I don't drink a great deal of coffee, although my consumption has increased in the past year or two, but my tea intake is embarrassing. My dentist asked me how much tea I drank per day and I couldn't tell him because one cup just flows into … Continue reading Weekly Review & Caffeine Withdrawals

Confessions of a Shakespeare Illiterate

  When I was 13 years old, I heard a girl in the year above me at school reciting what I thought was a poem. It appealed to me so much that I remembered some fragments over all the intervening years up until a few years ago when we read them in Shakespeare's play, The … Continue reading Confessions of a Shakespeare Illiterate