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Currently I write an article four times a year for the Commonplace Quarterly Magazine in a section I’ve named ‘Dappled Things.’

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2020 Australian Homeschooling Summit

Although this online summit is hosted in Australian, there are plenty of workshops that would be appreciated by homeschoolers anywhere. I presented three workshops at this event:

* Charlotte Mason for Beginners
* Helping Your Child Love Writing
* Q & A Session.

Is a Charlotte Mason education right for high school? – (scroll down the page) a post I wrote for My Homeschool

The following were guest posts I wrote for 31 Days of CM Myths at Afterthoughts:

Myth: Charlotte Mason Doesn’t Work for High School

Myth: Charlotte Mason Means You Never use a Textbook…Ever

Plutarch – written for the 31 Days of Charlotte Mason at Afterthoughts