Reading, Thinking, & Domesticity #7

I'm working on an applique quilt and have been chugging along quite nicely. I've almost finished a fourth block. The biggest hold up for me is choosing material. I have stacks left over from other projects but trying to choose complementary fabrics is so time consuming! I started a monthly sewing/craft day last month and … Continue reading Reading, Thinking, & Domesticity #7

Reading, Thinking, & Domesticity #6

It's been a while since I've written one of these posts. I always find it difficult to come up with a title unless I'm writing an obvious 'book review' as I like to go off on tangents. So 'Reading, Thinking, & Domesticity' it is as it is a bit of everything. I've been listening to … Continue reading Reading, Thinking, & Domesticity #6

A Charlotte Mason Education: the ‘extras’ that sometimes get left out in high school

The week before last I had a phone call from the Symphony Manager of the orchestra my daughter is a part of. Her son and two friends had entered an Eisteddfod competition and the cellist had just pulled out due to sickness. She asked if Miss 17 could play in his place - the only … Continue reading A Charlotte Mason Education: the ‘extras’ that sometimes get left out in high school

The Good, the Sad and the Beautiful of 2020

It's been raining here all week, the very opposite of this time last year. Last January we had 'unprecedented' bushfires in Australia which destroyed 3,094 homes, 2,439 of those were here in NSW. 33 people died, 9 of whom were firefighters. 6.7% of the state of NSW was burnt, the total area possibly the largest … Continue reading The Good, the Sad and the Beautiful of 2020

Charlotte Mason Highschool: Handicrafts

  "Creativity is not just for artists. Subjects like design and technology, music, art and drama, are vitally important for children to develop imagination and resourcefulness, resilience, problem-solving, team-working and technical skills...These are the skills which will enable young people to navigate the changing workplace of the future and stay ahead of the robots, not … Continue reading Charlotte Mason Highschool: Handicrafts

'A gauntlet with a gift in 't.'

  ‘God answers sharp and sudden on some prayers,  And thrusts the thing we have prayed for in our face,  A gauntlet with a gift in 't.’       Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)     I think we’d all agree that we are in challenging times. I remembered this poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning the … Continue reading 'A gauntlet with a gift in 't.'