Landfall by Nevil Shute (1940)

Landfall is another book by Nevil Shute that is not only set during World War II but was written during that time. The immediacy of the conflict and Shute’s background in aviation engineering adds credibility to his books. Although the technical detail he employs in all of his stories sometimes goes over my non-technical head, … Continue reading Landfall by Nevil Shute (1940)

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton (2008)

The Forgotten Garden is the third book by the Australian author, Kate Morton, that I’ve read and it has been the best of the three. The other two books were The Lake House (2016) and The Secret Keeper (2012) which I read in that order. I didn’t pay any attention to the date of their … Continue reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton (2008)

Little Pago by Lauren Briggs

Little Pago is an attractive and engaging picture book for children aged about 2 to 5 years written and illustrated by Lauren Briggs, an Australian mother of four. Published in 2021, the book highlights the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean, which presents a critical threat to our marine life. The author explains her … Continue reading Little Pago by Lauren Briggs

AusReading Month 2022

Brona's AusReading Challenge is happening this month. The main aim of this challenge is to read Australian fiction, non-fiction and poetry. I have a Nevil Shute title I've just started (Beyond the Black Stump) as well as a few other books I'm considering if I have time. Some others: No Moon Tonight by Don Charlwood … Continue reading AusReading Month 2022

Ambleside Online Year 11

This is our Year 11 Australian/personalised adaption of Ambleside Online. We've just finished for the year and this is my final update...unless I've forgotten something. Bible/Devotions *  **  * *** In The Steps of the Master by H.V. Morton - Bible History & Geography * Knowing God by J.I. Packer - continued from last year ** The … Continue reading Ambleside Online Year 11

Keeping Notebooks & a Bookish Update

I started a monthly or thereabouts Charlotte Mason newsletter about 18 months ago. Since moving to WordPress the link to request the newsletter doesn't work. I've had a few queries about Notebooks recently but it's a topic that comes up quite often so I've started writing about Notebooks in a Charlotte Mason education and sending … Continue reading Keeping Notebooks & a Bookish Update

Narrative Non-Fiction Books for Young Readers: Australian Animals

I\'m always on the look out for good narrative non-fiction books for children. I really like some of the Australian Natural History picture books that are available now that combine factual content within a story. I've previously written about one of these books, 'Emu' written by Claire Saxby and illustrated by Graham Byrne, that is … Continue reading Narrative Non-Fiction Books for Young Readers: Australian Animals