Ambleside Year 12 Planning Post

I’ve been planning for Year 12 and thinking about the year ahead generally: choosing books, praying for wisdom; trying to discern what is best and committing it all to the Lord.I find it very refreshing to read Charlotte Mason’s words in A Philosophy of Education: ‘Some men take naturally to learning, and will struggle manfully … Continue reading Ambleside Year 12 Planning Post

On Being an Initiator

The other month I wrote about bringing our children into ‘a large room’ where the doors are open to a wide and generous curriculum. In School Education, Pg 170, Charlotte Mason points out that we have a responsibility to our children to ‘...initiate an immense number of interests.’The idea of being an initiator was sparked … Continue reading On Being an Initiator

Mother Culture: Interior Riches

  Interior Riches I happened upon this fetching little phrase in the second chapter of Elizabeth Goudge’s book, The Rosemary Tree, and immediately thought how well it matched the idea of Mother Culture. (If you are unfamiliar with the idea of Mother Culture, the concept is explained in this article at AmblesideOnline's Parent's Review Archives.) … Continue reading Mother Culture: Interior Riches

A Mother’s Journey

When I became a Christian at the age of 19, I quickly realised that so much of my thinking had been unwittingly absorbed or ignorantly adopted from the culture around me, without me really understanding what that thinking would inevitably lead to. Even though I'd had a dramatic conversion and felt my life had been … Continue reading A Mother’s Journey