For the Family’s Sake: Ch 14 – the end

The Quilting Bee by Grandma Moses (1940-1950) I hope those of you who have been reading For the Family’s Sake either for the first time or like me, re-reading it, have found it worthwhile. Feel free to add any thoughts on any of the chapters. Thanks to those of you who have commented here or … Continue reading For the Family’s Sake: Ch 14 – the end

For the Family’s Sake: Ch 7

‘The Glory of the Usual or Jack of All Trades’ We’re at the half-way mark of our read along of this book and I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve read so far.For many of us, becoming a mother and making the decision to be at home while our children are young, has meant putting … Continue reading For the Family’s Sake: Ch 7

Mrs. Oswald Chambers by Michelle Ule

For years Oswald Chamber’s book, ‘My Utmost for His Highest’ has been sitting on my bedside table and I read it most evenings before I go to sleep. It’s a very rich, no compromise devotional that is always challenging and is entirely without fluff. Mrs. Oswald Chambers was the woman behind this worldwide bestselling devotional … Continue reading Mrs. Oswald Chambers by Michelle Ule

Ambleside Year 12 Planning Post

I’ve been planning for Year 12 and thinking about the year ahead generally: choosing books, praying for wisdom; trying to discern what is best and committing it all to the Lord.I find it very refreshing to read Charlotte Mason’s words in A Philosophy of Education: ‘Some men take naturally to learning, and will struggle manfully … Continue reading Ambleside Year 12 Planning Post

Grief and Loss

27th January 2020My mother died at six-thirty this morning. 'Died' sounds so harsh but something in me resists the 'passed away' or 'passed' terms. I always feel that they're terms of avoidance that have taken over our expression of this common destiny we all eventually experience. But forgive me if you find that offensive. I'm … Continue reading Grief and Loss

On Being an Initiator

The other month I wrote about bringing our children into ‘a large room’ where the doors are open to a wide and generous curriculum. In School Education, Pg 170, Charlotte Mason points out that we have a responsibility to our children to ‘...initiate an immense number of interests.’The idea of being an initiator was sparked … Continue reading On Being an Initiator

Mother Culture: Interior Riches

  Interior Riches I happened upon this fetching little phrase in the second chapter of Elizabeth Goudge’s book, The Rosemary Tree, and immediately thought how well it matched the idea of Mother Culture. (If you are unfamiliar with the idea of Mother Culture, the concept is explained in this article at AmblesideOnline's Parent's Review Archives.) … Continue reading Mother Culture: Interior Riches