About me

Hi, I’m Carol and I love books, bookshops, and good conversations. I’m the mother of 7, and have always tried to carve out time to read. I’ve been educating our children at home from birth. Six have graduated, and I’m still teaching our youngest at home. I’ve enjoyed watching my children grow and develop into adults who care, are all skilled in music, work hard, value relationships, and who are also great fun to be around! I also love spending time with my four beautiful grandchildren.

I started blogging at journey & destination in 2012 (on Blogger – I moved to WordPress about a year ago) to record our home education journey although we had started that journey ‘officially’ in 1993 before the Internet and blogging. We have used the Charlotte Mason method in our home and my posts reflect that.

I also write about books I’m reading and books we’ve used to read aloud with a wide age range. Mothering a large family, education, faith, creativity, & other areas of life are also topics I explore here.

As my older children have graduated, I’ve had time to be involved in speaking about home education and navigating the path from homeschooling to university. I enjoy helping home educators to choose living books and curriculum for their particular situations and encouraging parents to have the courage to teach for their children’s sake rather than for the system.

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2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Carol
    Thank you for sharing your journey in homeschooling. We are a Christian, Charlotte Mason, Sonlight, Ambleside, eclectic homeschooling and Fostering family. I have 3 children (one boy and two girls) whom I’ve homeschooled from the beginning.

    I was particularly interested in the article on homeschooling boys through high school. The part where you share about boy number one at 15 years old being difficult, likes to argue, running circles around you mentally, well you were describing my situation at the moment. So now my husband and I are seriously considering the ACHS curriculum for the rest of his schooling (Year 11 & 12 from next year).

    We enrolled him in May to do a UNI course which he subsequently completed and passed end of August, however I lost all control over his education at that point. We encouraged him to work independently and be responsible but he completely shut me out and did not want me to see his work or ask questions about what was going on. It caused conflict and now it’s very difficult to get him to listen to what I tell him he needs to do for schooling. He is Year 10 and has just turned 16. He works shifts at KFC which he loves but he needs a rigorous, structured, outside intervention curriculum to finish his schooling.

    I’m interested in your thoughts as you’ve experienced the before and after using the ACE curriculum. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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