Nature Study in Australia: The Christmas Bush

    Christmas Bush (Ceratopetalum gummiferum) - is an Australian native that flowers in spring. It's not the petals or 'flowers' that stand out, though. This native bush or small tree is unique in that its sepals turn a brilliant red colour after flowering. Just in time for Christmas, hence the name, Christmas bush. I … Continue reading Nature Study in Australia: The Christmas Bush

'A gauntlet with a gift in 't.'

  ‘God answers sharp and sudden on some prayers,  And thrusts the thing we have prayed for in our face,  A gauntlet with a gift in 't.’       Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)     I think we’d all agree that we are in challenging times. I remembered this poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning the … Continue reading 'A gauntlet with a gift in 't.'

'On the Edge of a Precipice'

I posted this on Instagram last week:       'The war (virus) creates no absolutely new situation; it simply aggravates the permanent human situation so that we can no longer ignore it. Human life has always been lived on the edge of a precipice. Human culture has always had to exist under the shadow … Continue reading 'On the Edge of a Precipice'

Home Ed Highlights From the Month of June

  'I sincerely believe that for the child, and for the parent seeking to guide him, it is not half so important to know as to feel. If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds … Continue reading Home Ed Highlights From the Month of June

6 Years of Blogging: Then & Now…

Six years ago this month I published my first blog post. I'd always enjoyed writing and had been part of a Charlotte Mason Families Newsletter for a few years where families took turns sending out a newsletter to a whole lot of other families around Australia. (Erin at Seven Little Australians was one of the … Continue reading 6 Years of Blogging: Then & Now…

Reading, Thinking & Domesticity #1

My plan is to have a regular post that will include a variety of domestically related ideas and practical matters plus things that I've read that don't make it into a more formal 'book review,' such as articles, current affairs and anything else that I think is interesting.     'Domesticity' - Latin,  domesticus, from … Continue reading Reading, Thinking & Domesticity #1

Boys! Homeschooling Through High School

  When our eldest two were in their mid-teens, I was involved with a Charlotte Mason (CM) email group that had started up with the intent of encouraging families who were using the CM method in their home schools. The question came up about how to know when a student needed to go to school, … Continue reading Boys! Homeschooling Through High School

'Baby' by George MacDonald – celebrating our first grandchild

  This lovely little girl was added to our family five days ago - our eldest daughter & her husband's first child and our first grandchild. I waited four whole days before I could hold her due to my lingering flu. But it was worth the wait!       Baby   Where did you … Continue reading 'Baby' by George MacDonald – celebrating our first grandchild

Education and Life

Something I both love and am frustrated by at times is when 'Education' get sidelined by 'Life.' The past few weeks have been rather crazy and frustrating, because my well-laid plans haven't worked out the way I wanted. 'Life intervened. Enter Charlotte Mason's motto: Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline and a Life   'The … Continue reading Education and Life

My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell (1956)

  Gerald Durrell, (1925-1995) a pioneering naturalist, conservationist, and author, was born in India in 1925, the youngest of four children. Both his parents were of British descent but were also born in India, and having a limited experience of England, considered India to be their true home. When Gerald was three years of age, … Continue reading My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell (1956)