Mrs. Oswald Chambers by Michelle Ule

For years Oswald Chamber’s book, ‘My Utmost for His Highest’ has been sitting on my bedside table and I read it most evenings before I go to sleep. It’s a very rich, no compromise devotional that is always challenging and is entirely without fluff. Mrs. Oswald Chambers was the woman behind this worldwide bestselling devotional … Continue reading Mrs. Oswald Chambers by Michelle Ule

Monday Musings on Easter and the Ukraine

We've been reading through C.S. Lewis's book Preparing for Easter since the beginning of March and just finished it yesterday. ‘What are we to make of Christ?’ There is no question of what we can make of Him, it is entirely a question of what He intends to make of us. You must accept or … Continue reading Monday Musings on Easter and the Ukraine

Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton (1908)

Orthodoxy is Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s ((1874 -1936) spiritual biography. His purpose in writing this book was to ‘attempt an explanation, not of whether the Christian Faith can be believed, but of how he personally has come to believe it.’ It was not meant to be an ecclesiastical discourse but a ‘slovenly autobiography.’ For me, Orthodoxy … Continue reading Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton (1908)

Ambleside Online Year 12 in Australia

Year 12 has looked different every time we've done it. These are my initial, to be updated, plans for this year for my daughter who's just turned 17 using some selections from Ambleside Online (those are marked with an *) and adding other material I'd like her to cover. We're going into Week 3 as … Continue reading Ambleside Online Year 12 in Australia

Bookish Destinations 2022

2022 Art Book Reading Challenge Rebecca @ a humble place is hosting a 2022 Art Reading Challenge with seven categories. I've chosen the four options below: A biography of an artist from the 20th century (? Beatrix Potter by Linda Lear) A biography of an artist from the 19th century (? Van Gogh by Peter … Continue reading Bookish Destinations 2022

Keeping Notebooks & a Bookish Update

I started a monthly or thereabouts Charlotte Mason newsletter about 18 months ago. Since moving to WordPress the link to request the newsletter doesn't work. I've had a few queries about Notebooks recently but it's a topic that comes up quite often so I've started writing about Notebooks in a Charlotte Mason education and sending … Continue reading Keeping Notebooks & a Bookish Update

A 16 Year Old’s Written Narration Samples

In a Charlotte Mason education we start off with oral narration, which is basically a child retelling what they've heard or read for themselves in their own words. Oral narration continues all the way through high school but written narration is also added around the age of 10 years, depending on the child. Some of … Continue reading A 16 Year Old’s Written Narration Samples