Notebook Showcase #2

This week I'm featuring two families to show their 'keeping' practices in a Charlotte Mason education. The first photograph below is of a Nature Display that the Ellery family have in their home. Adele has a newborn and a toddler and teaches her two older girls using the Ambleside Online curriculum, which they have used … Continue reading Notebook Showcase #2

Dispatches from Lockdown #2

Just about all the men we know have grown beards, if they didn't have one already, and many are sporting razor cuts or obvious amateur jobs. It's desperate days when your husband gets his 16 year old daughter to razor cut his hair. It doesn't look too bad, actually, despite my initial horror when he … Continue reading Dispatches from Lockdown #2

Narrative Non-Fiction Books for Young Readers: Australian Animals

I\'m always on the look out for good narrative non-fiction books for children. I really like some of the Australian Natural History picture books that are available now that combine factual content within a story. I've previously written about one of these books, 'Emu' written by Claire Saxby and illustrated by Graham Byrne, that is … Continue reading Narrative Non-Fiction Books for Young Readers: Australian Animals

Looking back on January 2021

   Flowering Eucalyptus in January   In the second week of January, Michelle at MyHomeschool ran some free online workshops which I helped present.   The Friday before last we had a sudden unexpected thunderstorm. It only lasted about five minutes, but in that time it split three power poles and brought down a couple … Continue reading Looking back on January 2021

Nature Study in Australia: The Christmas Bush

    Christmas Bush (Ceratopetalum gummiferum) - is an Australian native that flowers in spring. It's not the petals or 'flowers' that stand out, though. This native bush or small tree is unique in that its sepals turn a brilliant red colour after flowering. Just in time for Christmas, hence the name, Christmas bush. I … Continue reading Nature Study in Australia: The Christmas Bush

Nature Study: Spring in Australia

Hails and I finished our 6 week Natural History Illustration course offered by the University of Newcastle this month.  Covid has opened up some online educational opportunities that were't available to us before, and they've been free, too. A bush walk during the first week in spring was too early to spot many wildflowers but … Continue reading Nature Study: Spring in Australia