A New Year, a Blank Page

My two youngest bought me this Typoflora planner/diary/journal for my birthday and it's just perfect. It's been years since I've had the 'right' one of these that suits my style of relaxed planning and space for reflections or just recording snippets of a day. I love that this is nature focused and isn't too large … Continue reading A New Year, a Blank Page

Reading, Thinking, & Domesticity #7

I'm working on an applique quilt and have been chugging along quite nicely. I've almost finished a fourth block. The biggest hold up for me is choosing material. I have stacks left over from other projects but trying to choose complementary fabrics is so time consuming! I started a monthly sewing/craft day last month and … Continue reading Reading, Thinking, & Domesticity #7

Little Pago by Lauren Briggs

Little Pago is an attractive and engaging picture book for children aged about 2 to 5 years written and illustrated by Lauren Briggs, an Australian mother of four. Published in 2021, the book highlights the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean, which presents a critical threat to our marine life. The author explains her … Continue reading Little Pago by Lauren Briggs

A Charlotte Mason Education: the ‘extras’ that sometimes get left out in high school

The week before last I had a phone call from the Symphony Manager of the orchestra my daughter is a part of. Her son and two friends had entered an Eisteddfod competition and the cellist had just pulled out due to sickness. She asked if Miss 17 could play in his place - the only … Continue reading A Charlotte Mason Education: the ‘extras’ that sometimes get left out in high school

Notebook Showcase #2

This week I'm featuring two families to show their 'keeping' practices in a Charlotte Mason education. The first photograph below is of a Nature Display that the Ellery family have in their home. Adele has a newborn and a toddler and teaches her two older girls using the Ambleside Online curriculum, which they have used … Continue reading Notebook Showcase #2

Dispatches from Lockdown #2

Just about all the men we know have grown beards, if they didn't have one already, and many are sporting razor cuts or obvious amateur jobs. It's desperate days when your husband gets his 16 year old daughter to razor cut his hair. It doesn't look too bad, actually, despite my initial horror when he … Continue reading Dispatches from Lockdown #2