Ambleside Online Year 5 – some written narration samples

Moozle is just finishing up Ambleside Online Year 5. The bulk of it is done but we got behind on a few of the readings so we’ll be finishing those off and then doing an exam before heading into Year 6. The Aussie school year starts at the end of January but we’ve never followed the official school terms except for sometimes taking advantage of the quieter roads during the school holidays and having some days off during that time.

I often give her a choice of the books she uses for written narrations and it’s interesting to see what she picks. Here are some selections from this year’s work. She’s read all these on her own except for the first half of Doctor Hunger & Captain Thirst, which I read aloud to her.

From Kim by Rudyard Kipling – I added some additional resources to help fill in the background and context of this story which I posted these here.

An Australian substitute for we used for History/Biography was Doctor Hunger & Captain Thirst and Moozle did a few picture narrations for this book:

John McDouall Stuart

The Singing Wire was a Term 3 Aussie substitute and again, picture narrations were mostly done:

Age of Fable – this has been quite a popular choice for both written and picture narrations over the past two years (it continues into Year 6)

Aurora & Tithonus Ch 26

The Story of the World Volume 4, The Modern Age, by Susan Wise Bauer is a book that Moozle has really liked and enjoyed writing about:

  When we’ve finished the year’s work, I’ll write a post about what worked and what didn’t and get Moozl’s opinion on the books she used.

6 thoughts on “Ambleside Online Year 5 – some written narration samples

  1. Those are great! I'd love to see a year by year progression of narration skills and see the growth from year to year. I'm often wondering if my daughter's progress is appropriate as she is the oldest and this is our first time through.


  2. I love the combination of written and picture narrations! My kids usually avoid adding illustrations to their written narrations, but I think I'll try assigning a few picture narrations instead. Thanks for sharing.


  3. They're a nice change from written & oral work at times and still require them to think. I get my dc to tell me a little about what they've drawn & it becomes obvious that they've put quite a bit of thought into the process even if their drawings aren't artist quality.


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