A New Year, a Blank Page

My two youngest bought me this Typoflora planner/diary/journal for my birthday and it's just perfect. It's been years since I've had the 'right' one of these that suits my style of relaxed planning and space for reflections or just recording snippets of a day. I love that this is nature focused and isn't too large … Continue reading A New Year, a Blank Page

Nature Study: Spring in Australia

Hails and I finished our 6 week Natural History Illustration course offered by the University of Newcastle this month.  Covid has opened up some online educational opportunities that were't available to us before, and they've been free, too. A bush walk during the first week in spring was too early to spot many wildflowers but … Continue reading Nature Study: Spring in Australia

The Woods are Lovely, Dark & Deep…Nature Study in June

We're in the throes of bathroom renovations. Outside it's been wet and cold and not conducive to bushwalking. However, the jackhammering got the better of us and outside we went. We followed our usual trail but I remembered there were some paths we hadn't explored so we decided now would be a good time to … Continue reading The Woods are Lovely, Dark & Deep…Nature Study in June

January Notes: Nature, Camping, Keeping & Notebooks

  We went on a family camping trip in mid-January which was a great nature study opportunity. We only went about three hours north of our home but it's surprising how much difference that short distance makes in the local flora & fauna.     For years I've heard cicadas but I've only found their … Continue reading January Notes: Nature, Camping, Keeping & Notebooks

A 10 Year Old’s Nature Notebook & maybe a rare find…

    We've been going through our weekly Insect Study which happens most weeks regardless of whatever else we do or find in the nature department. This has been our special focus for a while and generally takes the form of me reading aloud from First Studies in Insect Life in Australasia by William Gillies … Continue reading A 10 Year Old’s Nature Notebook & maybe a rare find…

Keeping Company – Nature & Science Notebooks

Where science does not teach a child to wonder and admire it has perhaps no educative value.    A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason   We've started getting back into our regular bush ventures now that the weather is cooling down here,  but this past week we had some outings which weren't done with … Continue reading Keeping Company – Nature & Science Notebooks