Dispatches from Lockdown #2

Just about all the men we know have grown beards, if they didn't have one already, and many are sporting razor cuts or obvious amateur jobs. It's desperate days when your husband gets his 16 year old daughter to razor cut his hair. It doesn't look too bad, actually, despite my initial horror when he … Continue reading Dispatches from Lockdown #2

'Nature will not give up her secrets to the man in a hurry.'

We have this tree at the bottom of our long driveway. I pass it at least once a day when I check the mailbox and I've noticed it had some deep pink/crimson flowers on it from time to time and that it was evergreen. And that was it.Not long ago Moozle was looking around the … Continue reading 'Nature will not give up her secrets to the man in a hurry.'

‘You see but you do not observe.’

My 11 year old daughter is full of Sherlock Holmes' quotes this week and included this one in her nature journal after quoting it at every opportunity:   You see, but you do not observe.               Flannel flowers in bloom - so named because they have a lovely soft, … Continue reading ‘You see but you do not observe.’

Keeping & the Leisure to Stand and Stare

I'm joining in Celeste's monthly link-up for April at the eleventh hour. If you'd like to know more about this link-up, or what 'Keeping' is all about, have a look at her introductory post. This month Celeste asked us to share what inspires us in our 'Keeping' habits:Do you have favourite books on the topic? … Continue reading Keeping & the Leisure to Stand and Stare

Keeping Company – Nature & Science Notebooks

Where science does not teach a child to wonder and admire it has perhaps no educative value.    A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason   We've started getting back into our regular bush ventures now that the weather is cooling down here,  but this past week we had some outings which weren't done with … Continue reading Keeping Company – Nature & Science Notebooks