The Educated Mother

The Pensive Reader by Mary Cassatt (c.1894)

I\’ve been reading through some of the Parent\’s Reviewsfound on Ambleside Online and found some quotes on the educated mother to ponder.

The educated mother is pre-eminently a woman who thinks, and the results of her regulated thought will be seen in the daily administration of her home.
This is very interesting  – I\’ve known well-educated women who had no idea of domestic administration or regulation and readily admitted the fact. Is it because they\’re not thinking about this particular area of their life?

The word \”education,\” so long and actively current amongst us, expresses ideas differing widely from each other. True educationists will, however, agree that their work should include the training to self-rule, as indeed an essential part of it, all teaching, however excellent in itself, being absolutely valueless in its absence. 

I asked myself some questions:

Does my life show evidence of self-rule?
What does an educated mother\’s education look like?

Is my home well administered?
Do my decisions, routines plans and schedules show evidence of regulated thought?
Realising that the children of to-day will rapidly develop into individuals keen to learn and be taught, she will always be alive to the necessity of cultivating her own mind, and the work of self-education and improvement will go on for her while life lasts. 
What am I doing to cultivate my mind?
How have I changed from the person I was 5 years ago?
What kind of person do I want to be 5 years from now?

It is absolutely necessary a mother should know how to care for the small bodies, but it is equally important she should understand and satisfy the unfolding intellects of her children.

It is a painful spectacle, that of a mother who has allowed her children to outstrip her as thinking beings, and can no longer keep pace with them in their pursuits and interests. The educated mother knows this, and will keep well in touch with all the interests of life. 
Am I keeping pace with my children?
What interests am I involved in or developing?
Am I a magnanimous woman?

9 thoughts on “The Educated Mother

  1. I need a link to the article you were reading! I think I need its message.And, yes, I do think perhaps the areas of home administration that I fail in are due to the fact that I don't really think about them at all…they are neglected first in my *mind* and then second in my practice, if that makes sense! 😦


  2. I am always amazed at how rich The Parent's Review articles are. I sometimes think my children will pull back the curtain and find out I am not that smart 🙂 but their is great fruit in growing together this way. Lifelong conversations!


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