Looking back on January 2021

   Flowering Eucalyptus in January   In the second week of January, Michelle at MyHomeschool ran some free online workshops which I helped present.   The Friday before last we had a sudden unexpected thunderstorm. It only lasted about five minutes, but in that time it split three power poles and brought down a couple … Continue reading Looking back on January 2021

The Good, the Sad and the Beautiful of 2020

It's been raining here all week, the very opposite of this time last year. Last January we had 'unprecedented' bushfires in Australia which destroyed 3,094 homes, 2,439 of those were here in NSW. 33 people died, 9 of whom were firefighters. 6.7% of the state of NSW was burnt, the total area possibly the largest … Continue reading The Good, the Sad and the Beautiful of 2020