AmblesideOnline Year 12 – an Update

This year has had the most tweaks of all the AmblesideOnline years we've done. That's partly due to the nature of the AO offerings which leaves much scope for picking and choosing and partly because I'm modifying the content for our Australian situation. I also dropped some of the Post-Modern & Worldview books that were … Continue reading AmblesideOnline Year 12 – an Update

Home Education & Speaking

Now that 6 of our 7 children have graduated from our Home School, I've had the time to be involved in speaking engagements, which I love. Here are the 'official' speaking engagements I've had. They have all been recorded and are available to download. 2017 Mum Heart Conference, Newcastle, NSW (?Unavailable) As Mums, we can … Continue reading Home Education & Speaking

Bits & Pieces from a Week of a Charlotte Mason Education with a 10 Year Old

Moozle generally gravitates towards poetry when it comes to narrating either Plutarch or Shakespeare. We started Plutarch's Life of Themistocles this term and these are two poetic narrations she did relating to what we covered in our reading: On a more lighthearted note...   Free reading this week: The Silver Brumby, Silver Brumby's Daughter and … Continue reading Bits & Pieces from a Week of a Charlotte Mason Education with a 10 Year Old

Homeschool to Higher Education – It works!

  One of the reasons I decided to start a blog was to offer encouragement to others to continue homeschooling through the high school years. My first post was about 16 months ago and I haven't done this yet as I've been concentrating on the here and now but I'm hoping to start covering some … Continue reading Homeschool to Higher Education – It works!