Hymn Study – The Love of God

There's an interesting background to this song. It's attributed to Frederick Lehman (1917) but it has its roots in a Jewish poem written in the 11th century - the words to the third verse were actually found after the inmate of a mental asylum died; they were found pencilled on the walls of his room. … Continue reading Hymn Study – The Love of God

Ambleside Year 8 Folksongs

We've been concentrating on Australian folksongs recently, and will continue to do so, but I decided to also include three Year 8 suggestions from Ambleside Online (AO) for my two older boys who are studying Renaissance & Reformation history using the AO curriculum. Barbara Allen: https://youtu.be/BxQdl9cP3e0 The Death of Queen Jane - lovely scenes on … Continue reading Ambleside Year 8 Folksongs