Charlotte Mason Exam Week

This past week has been an exam week for Year 11, Term 2. We've followed the AmblesideOnline schedule but with quite a few changes and substitutions. These are some sample questions & answers from this week: Poetry: 1. Write 8-10 lines of poetry from memory: The Donkey by G. K. Chesterton When fishes flew and … Continue reading Charlotte Mason Exam Week

Ambleside Online Year 4 – Exam for Term 1

'...knowledge is acquired only by what we may call "the act of knowing," which is both encouraged and tested by narration, and which further requires the later test and record afforded by examinations.'    A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason, Pg. 292   It took a while for me to be convinced that exams … Continue reading Ambleside Online Year 4 – Exam for Term 1