Bookish Destinations 2022

2022 Art Book Reading Challenge Rebecca @ a humble place is hosting a 2022 Art Reading Challenge with seven categories. I've chosen the four options below: A biography of an artist from the 20th century (? Beatrix Potter by Linda Lear) A biography of an artist from the 19th century (? Van Gogh by Peter … Continue reading Bookish Destinations 2022

Looking back on January 2021

   Flowering Eucalyptus in January   In the second week of January, Michelle at MyHomeschool ran some free online workshops which I helped present.   The Friday before last we had a sudden unexpected thunderstorm. It only lasted about five minutes, but in that time it split three power poles and brought down a couple … Continue reading Looking back on January 2021

On Being an Initiator

The other month I wrote about bringing our children into ‘a large room’ where the doors are open to a wide and generous curriculum. In School Education, Pg 170, Charlotte Mason points out that we have a responsibility to our children to ‘...initiate an immense number of interests.’The idea of being an initiator was sparked … Continue reading On Being an Initiator

Picture Study: Inspired by Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall was one of the artists featured in a set of Montessori artist cards I used with my children when they were little but it wasn't until earlier this year when I was reading Island of the World by Michael O'Brien that I became interested in learning more about him and his art.  The … Continue reading Picture Study: Inspired by Marc Chagall

Free Bits & Pieces: Art & Craft, Latin, Books

Latin The Bible in Latin, (the Vulgate or 'common translation') The New Testament in Latin (and Greek) - audio. A PDF of the book below, A Junior Latin Reader by Sanford and Scott can be found here. Latin dictionary and Grammar aid. A History of the Latin language. I found this website very helpful generally … Continue reading Free Bits & Pieces: Art & Craft, Latin, Books