A Charlotte Mason Picture Study Resource

Here is Part 2 of the Australian Artist Picture Study featuring the work of Tom Roberts. I've concentrated mostly on his portraits this time. For a short biography of his life see Part 1. Download the PDF for Part 2 here. I hope you find this helpful and if you find any errors or have … Continue reading A Charlotte Mason Picture Study Resource

Free Picture Study Resource: Tom Roberts – Part 1

Australian artists tend to be neglected, partly because there isn't anywhere near as much information about them compared to artists from other parts of the world. I put this guide together for those who would like to explore some great works by an Australian artist who made an important contribution to the art world. Tom … Continue reading Free Picture Study Resource: Tom Roberts – Part 1

On Being an Initiator

The other month I wrote about bringing our children into ‘a large room’ where the doors are open to a wide and generous curriculum. In School Education, Pg 170, Charlotte Mason points out that we have a responsibility to our children to ‘...initiate an immense number of interests.’The idea of being an initiator was sparked … Continue reading On Being an Initiator

Picture Books for Art & Book Lovers

These are some of our favourite picture books because they are either beautiful and/or unique. I only realised as I was putting this post together that three of these books have some connection with France. Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson - Illustrated by Christine Davenier; edited by Susan Snively     Emily Dickinson is a … Continue reading Picture Books for Art & Book Lovers

Art Appreciation & Picture Study

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a series of art appreciation books written by Richard Muhlberger that we've used for upper primary and the highschool years. Sometimes I've read portions aloud to everyone or they've read them individually. Each book is about 50 pages in length and explores how a particular artist differs from another … Continue reading Art Appreciation & Picture Study

Teaching Truth to Our Children

Truth is never violent, and there may be many clamorous ones at hand to drown her voice. It rests with us to choose whom we shall hear.  Ourselves by Charlotte Mason     I'm continuing with our slow reading of Charlotte Mason's Volume 4 and we just read the chapter on Truth: Justice in Word where … Continue reading Teaching Truth to Our Children