Reading, Thinking, & Domesticity #7

I'm working on an applique quilt and have been chugging along quite nicely. I've almost finished a fourth block. The biggest hold up for me is choosing material. I have stacks left over from other projects but trying to choose complementary fabrics is so time consuming! I started a monthly sewing/craft day last month and … Continue reading Reading, Thinking, & Domesticity #7

For the Family’s Sake: Ch 12

Children in a Garden by Mary Cassatt (1878) Early Days, Vital Days…What exactly do children need? If you’re familiar with Charlotte Mason’s writing, you’ll know that she believed that the first few years of life are very important and that children need a “quiet growing time.” She didn’t begin formal lessons until the child was six … Continue reading For the Family’s Sake: Ch 12

The Cornish Coast Murder by John Bude (1935)

The Vicar, who was fond of bodily comfort, sighed with the profoundest satisfaction. Behind him a big log fire crackled in the open hearth. A reading-lamp cast an orange circle over the seat of his favourite chair and gleamed, diluted, on the multicoloured book-backs which lined most of the room. In the centre of the … Continue reading The Cornish Coast Murder by John Bude (1935)

For the Family’s Sake: Ch 11

Madame André Wormser and her Children by Edouard Vuillard (1927) Oops! I thought I’d already posted my thoughts on this chapter: ‘Choose Wisely and Leave Time for the Daily Rhythms.’  Well, my daily rhythms have certainly been out of kilter this week. A combination of a painful tooth and an ear problem has messed me … Continue reading For the Family’s Sake: Ch 11

AmblesideOnline Year 12 – an Update

This year has had the most tweaks of all the AmblesideOnline years we've done. That's partly due to the nature of the AO offerings which leaves much scope for picking and choosing and partly because I'm modifying the content for our Australian situation. I also dropped some of the Post-Modern & Worldview books that were … Continue reading AmblesideOnline Year 12 – an Update

These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer (1926)

These Old Shades is set in 1756 so technically it’s not a Regency novel (which strictly speaking ran from 1810 to 1820). Nevertheless, it certainly has the feel of a Regency novel although most of the action takes place in France during the reign of Louis XV of France.This was a fun read with a … Continue reading These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer (1926)

Little Pago by Lauren Briggs

Little Pago is an attractive and engaging picture book for children aged about 2 to 5 years written and illustrated by Lauren Briggs, an Australian mother of four. Published in 2021, the book highlights the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean, which presents a critical threat to our marine life. The author explains her … Continue reading Little Pago by Lauren Briggs

Beyond the Black Stump by Nevil Shute (1956)

A remote cattle station in the Western Australian (W.A.) outback in the early 1950’s is the setting, for the most part, of Nevil Shute’s book, Beyond the Black Stump. The story begins in Oregon in America where Stanton Laird, a geologist in his late twenties, has just returned home after a stint in Arabia working … Continue reading Beyond the Black Stump by Nevil Shute (1956)