The Keys of the Kingdom by A.J. Cronin

Perhaps the greatest strain is thrown upon our moral vision by the spectacle of another’s success.  The dazzle hurts us.       The Keys of the Kingdom is the moving story of the spiritual struggle of a young priest, Father Francis Chisholm. Often at loggerheads with the hierarchy of the church, Francis was unconventional … Continue reading The Keys of the Kingdom by A.J. Cronin

Book Reviews

My Pinterest Boards – It has links to books I’ve reviewed including those for AmblesideOnline books and other homeschooling books. If you are looking for specific book, author, or subject, try the search option on the sidebar. Reviews by Author Surname (in progress) Jane Austen Agatha Christie A.J. Cronin Charles Dickens A. Conan Doyle George … Continue reading Book Reviews

Reading, Thinking, & Domesticity #4

Making Room for ContemplationI’ve noticed more recently that I’ve become increasingly distracted and my attention span hasn’t been as good as it was. I put it down partly to getting a new iPhone (my old one didn’t do much and was often unreliable). When you’re using your phone for texting, emails, appointments, reminders, timers etc., … Continue reading Reading, Thinking, & Domesticity #4