A Charlotte Mason Picture Study Resource

Here is Part 2 of the Australian Artist Picture Study featuring the work of Tom Roberts. I’ve concentrated mostly on his portraits this time. For a short biography of his life see Part 1.
Download the PDF for Part 2 here. I hope you find this helpful and if you find any errors or have difficulty downloading it please let me know.

‘By making art the perfect expression of one time and one place, it becomes art for all time
 and of all places.’
Tom Roberts (1856-1931)

8 thoughts on “A Charlotte Mason Picture Study Resource

  1. Wow, those Charlotte Mason resources are getting better and better, and evoke fond memories of recent homeschooling days. I hope you've had a lovely Easter break in these strange times.


  2. Hi Paula, I've been wanting to put them together for some time but the tech side of things is not my strong point! We've had a relaxed break, thank you. Hope everything is well where you are.


  3. Oh this is wonderful! Thank you so much for putting this together. What a great thing to do. We are looking for more Australian artists for our picture study, so I'm very appreciative.


  4. Hi Lacey! Thanks for your comment. There are some excellent Aussie artists but not many resources for studying them. Hope everything is going well for you & your family. ❤️


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