Back to the Classics 2018 – Final Wrap-up

These  are the books I\’ve read this year for the Back to the Classics Challenge hosted by Karen at  Books & Chocolate. I finished all 12 categories so have 3 entries in the draw.

This is my fourth year to complete this challenge and I plan to sign up again for 2019. If you are planning to do the challenge next year feel free to say hi in the comments and put a link to your post with the books you plan to read.
My original list was a little different to what I actually did but what I like about Karen\’s challenge is the flexibility she allows.
I don\’t usually have a rating system but I thought I\’d try it out with these books: 

19th Century ClassicThe Refugees by A. Conan Doyle (8/10) Good but some of his other historically based books are better

20th Century ClassicBeau Geste by P.C. Wren (8/10) An unusual mystery in an unusual setting

Classic by a Woman Author The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey (9/10) I\’ve loved everything I\’ve read by this author

Classic in TranslationKristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset (9/10) Raw, powerful story

A Children\’s ClassicLinnets & Valerians by Elizabeth Goudge (7/10) Good writing but I had misgivings about some of the content

Classic Crime StoryAnd Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (6/10) The awful characters  in this story made it hard for me to feel any connection with it. Christie was clever, but I don\’t always like her writing.

Classic Travel or Journey Sick Heart River by John Buchan (8/10) Buchan is one of my favourite authors. This book is more philosophical than some of his others. It\’s good but I\’ve enjoyed some of his other books more than this one.

Classic With a Single Word TitleCatriona by R.L. Stevenson (7/10) Good story but it rambles somewhat.

Classic With a Colour in the TitleGreen Dolphin Country by Elizabeth Goudge (8/10)

Classic by a New-to-You AuthorThe Rosemary Tree by Elizabeth Goudge (7/10) Both books by Goudge were good reads. her writing is  beautifully reflective.

Classic That Scares YouAnna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (10/10) What more can I say than that Tolstoy was a marvellous writer?

Re-Read a Favourite ClassicMr. Standfast by John Buchan (10/10) This was the third time I\’ve read this book and I\’ve appreciated it more each time I\’ve read it.

10 thoughts on “Back to the Classics 2018 – Final Wrap-up

  1. Well Done! I like that your list contains a few unknown to me classics. Variety is the spice of (reading) life. :DI am definitely on board for next year. The only things I know for sure is either Dickens or Trollope for the 19th century category (as per usual! I'm still working out the rest.


  2. I think I’ll make a list of all the books I’ve been meaning to read & try to read them in 2019 regardless of whether they fit the categories. Maybe I won’t manage to read 12 but knowing me, I’ll feel compelled to at least try.


  3. This is an impressive list of books. Congratulations on finishing them and completing the challenge. The Back to Classics Challenge is very neat in the way that books are picked from different categories. I am thinking of joining for 2019.


  4. I can see you were on a Goudge kick. I've so enjoyed the couple of books of hers I've read and really want to read more. What a great list! So many excellent books on it but it's also balanced. I have a problem of choosing too many BIG reads for this challenge so I'll have to remember your example. Great job for finishing!


  5. Hi Cleo, I had a quick think about which books I'd read for the 2019 challenge & I seem to have an overabundance of the BIG reads – War & Peace, Les Mis are a couple I'd like to read. I've seen a live performance of Les Mis & the movie but have never read the book.


  6. Well done, and what a great mix of authors and styles! I'm hoping to read the second volume of Kristin Lavransdattir for next year's challenge, and Green Dolphin Street is on my list as well. (I seem to have included quite a few lengthy reads.) Thanks for participating in the Back to the Classics Challenge!


  7. This looks like some excellent classics that you read in 2018. Seems like you're a Goudge fan. I'm not very familiar with her works yet, but always interested in trying out a new-to-me author.Blessings,Tarissa


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