Handicrafts with Children: Reversible Bunting

We\’ve hosted birthday parties, engagements, baby showers, and other events at our place and a bit of decoration using fabric bunting has helped to pretty things up, especially out of doors. Below is a section of our verandah the girls decorated when we held my daughter\’s baby shower here last year.

Our second daughter, Zana, is getting married in September. It\’s an outdoor wedding and she asked her younger sister to make her some bunting to help decorate the venue. Zana chose a tone on tone white fabric & gave us 5 metres (about 5½ yards) of material which was sufficient for 150 double triangles with some fabric left over (about half a metre).
We used the bunting we had to make a diamond-shaped cardboard template.

Moozle traced around the diamond-shaped template and then cut the shapes out. The diamond fabric was then folded in half, wrong sides together, and ironed.

Width of triangle at the top when folded in half – 16 cm (6​ 1/4 in)
Sides – 22 cm (about 8½ in)

Each triangle was sewn with a 1.5cm (½ in) seam across the top – the seam allowance can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the cord you use:

Using a safety pin, cord was threaded through the seam allowance of each triangle

A small stitch sewn on each triangle can help to keep it in place but we left them unstitched so they can be moved apart or brought closer together. 

This is an ideal way to use up scraps of fabric, as you can see from the top photo where this was done. I like the scrappy look, but I think the white will look lovely in a garden setting for a wedding.

5 thoughts on “Handicrafts with Children: Reversible Bunting

  1. We LOVE bunting here! I actually made little ones for my SIL's at Christmas last year and included the Scripture – His banner over me is love. This will look beautiful at your daughter's wedding.


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