Handicrafts: colourful coasters

What You Need:

3 sheets of thin cork (packs of 15 available from Riot craft stores)
Thick white paper (such as a page from an art journal – not printer paper as it\’s too thin)
Glue (stick glue is fine)
A black waterproof marker
Matte/Gloss Mod Podge (I think we ordered ours from here. Expensive but goes a long way)
Paint brush for Mod Podge
Waterproof stamp pads

What You Do:

  • Stick the 3 pieces of cork on top of each other (the cork from Riot has peel-off adhesive backing) 
  • Put a circular object on the cork and trace around it, and then do the same on a piece of paper (Both circles should be the same size)   
  • Cut out the circle on the cardboard and paper
  • Glue the paper to the cork
  •  Using a waterproof marker, draw or stencil a pattern onto the paper, then leave till fully dry.

Cover the paper with Mod Podge (waterproofs & seals), and leave to dry.
Rub stamp pads onto the paper to add colour

Do another 1-2 coats of Mod Podge & let dry thoroughly before use
We use these stamp pads for all sorts of projects:

Mod Podge is also avaiable at Spotlight here in Australia
Moozle hunting up craft supplies…

6 thoughts on “Handicrafts: colourful coasters

  1. So pretty! This is a great project for younger kids since they can decorate the coasters as freely as their imagination can run! And maybe at the same time learn the importance of using a coaster! 🙂


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