A Handicraft Suggestion From Dad: edible gummy Lego bricks

Friday afternoon I get an email from my husband which read, “Something for Moozle to do,” and a link to directions on ‘How to make edible Lego gummy bricks.’

I sent back Moozle’s response:
“I so want to make those!”
Dad replied, “Work out the ingredients and we can go and buy them…”
Corn syrup
Unflavoured gelatine
Jelly crystals
So when Dad got home we had dinner and then the two of them went shopping.
A phone call a short time later:
“We’re in the baking section but can’t find corn syrup.”
I did a quick google search and saw that it was hard to find on the shelves here Downunder, but glucose syrup might work.
“Just get glucose syrup and try that.”


What They Used

They returned home with the ingredients and a couple of silicone ice cube trays – unfortunately, no Lego shapes could be found at KMart, the only other shop open besides the supermarket.
Moozle followed the recipe diligently and everyone had a try before they’d set properly.



Not bad…like firm jelly but chewier. Next day they were set and when the expert gummy bear person in the family was asked for his opinion, he (Dad) said they weren’t quite right as far as real gummy bears go but he thought they were better!

High compliments indeed.
So that night he ordered some Lego shaped molds on eBay.
We didn’t have sachets of gelatine so had a guess that a sachet might contain about a two dessertspoons worth.
Clean up was easy as the stuff just congeals and lifts off with a wipe of a damp cloth. We soaked the bowls etc. in warm soapy water and then rinsed them – probably not a good idea to put the gummy stuff in the dishwasher.
Now Moozle is eagerly awaiting the Lego moulds so she can make some edible Lego.



2 thoughts on “A Handicraft Suggestion From Dad: edible gummy Lego bricks

  1. This is a wonderful idea, Carol. Years ago, we discovered Lego (hard) candy at a local grocery store, but I think my children would like the gummy version better, especially since they can actually make them! 🙂


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