Weekly Review – interrupted & unfinished, but good

A weekend away at a Mum Heart Conference gave me a refreshing start to this week. And a wedding at the end of the week on the Friday was a lovely finish.
The downside was getting some stitches on my nose in the middle of the week. A couple of anaesthetic needles shoved into your nose is not fun and neither is walking around with a pressure dressing on the centre of your face.
The Mum Heart Conference is based on Sally Clarkson\’s Mom\’s Heart in the USA but the Aussie version focuses on homeschooling mothers.
 I\’d forgotten how encouraging it is to be around other people who share a similar vision on the heart of education – discipling our children, teaching them virtue, nurturing their souls.
I didn\’t realise how thirsty I was for fellow travellers and it did me good to see so many young women just beginning this journey with their children and to meet up again unexpectedly with friends I hadn\’t seen for years, not to mention making new ones.
Not everything got done this week but when that happens I take note of what was missed and make it a priority the next week.
Here are some things we did do:
Plutarch\’s Life of Timoleon – we completed this and Moozle wrote a funeral speech for him because of course he died at the end:

Shakespeare\’s All\’s Well That Ends Well -we also finished this play. Benj did a written narration after we listened and read along with the audio each week. I didn\’t see it until the play was finished but it was around 13 pages – so I won\’t post it here.

Moozle\’s Reading

We have one more week of Term 2 using my modified version of Ambleside Online Year 4 which is going well. I\’ve added How Did We Find Out About Vitamins? by Isaac Asimov to our Science reading this term. There is quite detailed information in this book but Asimov\’s writing is very accessible and he brings the subject alive. It\’s out of print but I\’ve picked up his books at library sales, ebay & Abebooks.

She has been going through some of the Jungle Doctor books by Australian author Paul White this past week. A few of my children really loved his medical missionary stories based in Africa.

Helping Dad put new locks on the windows…

Benj\’s Reading

The Last of the Mohicans by James Fennimore Cooper – a great classic; starts slowly and is a bit of a challenge reading-wise but very worthwhile.

The Four Feathers by A.E.W. Mason – my friend, Kathy, is an old movie officiando. I\’m not, but she tells me about these obscure movies she loves and then I try to find the book they were based on. This book has been filmed several times but it\’s taken me a long time to find a copy and then it was only online. The University of Adelaide is an old book lover\’s paradise and they keep adding new titles to their website. Their Kindle versions are so well done and I found the book there. Written in 1902, The Four Feathers is the story of a young man redeeming his character from the charge of cowardice. Benj\’s comment – \”It\’s good. You should read it.\” I haven\’t yet.

Jensen\’s Format Writing is a book I\’ve used with one Benj\’s older brothers and it seems a good fit for Benj. Well, I gave him a choice between this, the AO Year 10 selections and Wordsmith Craftsman, which I also have. He liked the look of Jensen\’s best, plus he preferred to use a book rather than an online programme.


He\’s done a fair bit of Grammar in the past and is covering that in Latin also but I wanted to keep it fresh in his mind. One of my girls tutored first and second year students at university and a major problem for many of them was their lack of grammar skills. This series of books is good for an  overview or for picking up problem areas and they only take a few minutes. Benj is only doing a page a week. The answer key is in the back.


I\’ll end with a quote that was read at the wedding we attended that I thought was a wonderful choice.
Love as distinct from ‘being in love’ is not merely a feeling. It is a deep unity, maintained by the will and deliberately strengthened by habit; reinforced by the grace which both partners receive from God. They can have this love for each other even at those moments when they do not like each other; as you love yourself even when you do not like yourself. ‘Being in love’ first moved them to promise fidelity: the quieter love enables them to keep the promise. It is on this love that the engine of marriage is run: being in love was the explosion that started it. 
C.S. Lewis
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11 thoughts on “Weekly Review – interrupted & unfinished, but good

  1. So sorry about your nose. That must have hurt tremendously. I wish I could go the CM conference by me, which Jeanne Webb will be at, but of course it is on the weekend of my daughter's wedding. I haven't been to a good home school conference in years. I feel so \”dry\” in terms of homeschooling and could really use a boost. Grammar happens to be one of our weak points here. We started using Our Mother Tongue but it has been hard for my boys. Plus I do have Jensen's Writing Format but I am going to wait one more year to use. They are starting year 9 in a couple of months.


  2. I've been to two Mom Heart here in the US and just LOVE them! That is so neat! I've just cracked open The Last of the Mohicans for myself…I'm glad to know that it picks up a bit. My TBR is so huge, I need to par down. 🙂 We have one Asimov title…like about curious facts through history/world? It is WELL loved here…good idea to keep collecting them. My husband mentioned liking the Paul White books and they are on my list for my oldest. 🙂


  3. re: Mum Heart Conference: I really wanted to go this year, but again, like last year, it wasn't to be. Sad. It was complicated by the fact of having so many children to juggle, and amongst them a breastfeeding baby. So the baby sitting thing sort of stopped me cold. I would of loved meeting in real life. Next year perhaps. I just need to get better at organizing my going. Since reading your blog I have now purchased 4 Isaac Asimov novels to try him out. :o) I am keenly interested in his science books though, and hope to acquire some along the way when we get to the upper levels.I have 'The Last of the Mochicans\” on the shelf but haven't read it yet. One day.


  4. Yes, I can understand the dilemma of juggling children! I think I read some Asimov novels when I was in my late teens but I don't remember anything about them so I can't say whether they are worthwhile. Did you see this website? http://www.asimovreviews.net/I've used it as a guide for which books to look for. He was a humanist so I imagine that would be reflected in his novels.


  5. I've probably got too many books going at the one time but apart from going very slowly because I have so many, I feel it's working quite well for me. I've been reading Eve Curie's book about her mother Madame Curie for a couple of years – I never used to stretch out my reading but I think I've enjoyed the books more this way.


  6. Oh, I agree. My stack is divided into many stacks 😉 and one of those, I'm reading VERY slowly…over a year or more. Mainly devotionals, missionary biographies, etc. 🙂


  7. Carol it was so lovely to meet you in person at the conference!I came away feeling I needed to up my game in the spiritual aspects of my children's life. Whilst we always read together and have discussions I am conscious of stepping out of the lull and being more intentional.We have commenced Timoleon, 3rd week this week. I have Easy Grammar Plus tucked away ready for that time when someone needs a refresher. I took the plunge with Latin and one child particularly loves it and this helps with grammar.A quiet weekend this weekend???M


  8. So glad you were able to make it. I was hoping you'd be there! A quiet weekend?? Well, one day was and the other I sat through nearly 4 hours of recorded bagpipe music while my daughter did a Highland dance comp – and that's not quiet. Hope to catch up with you again some time. X


  9. Sorry about your nose! That doesn't sound fun at all =) I am glad you were able to be refreshed at your conference. It is always so nice to get away.We have been using he 2nd grade Daily Grams from Easy Grammar and I like it. Glad to hear that you like the older kid material too.


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