Using up some bits and pieces of fabric and made these cushions this week.

Below is what I really should have been working on. This is the beginnings of Zana\’s 21st quilt but I\’m having difficulty getting these Dresden Plates right. I used the English paper piecing method because I like doing patchwork by hand – mostly because I can take it anywhere and stitch whenever – but it\’s harder to make the pieces come together in the middle and sit flat. I gave up in disgust a couple of months ago but I\’ve been on a roll with these cushions so I\’m picking the Dresdens up again so my poor daughter can get her present  before she turns 22.

Just adding this one a few days later:

8 thoughts on “Handicraft

  1. It's me again.Just to tell you that, amazingly enough, I stopped reading blogs from Blogloving, and I was not subscribed my email to your blog -but now I am, lol.I am reading just a few blogs these days, and YOURS is one of them, so I am opting for email subscriptions. I can also push to kindle some of the blog posts I love, and read them in the comfort of the kindle.


  2. I still get some posts from Blogloving but I don't like how they present them but I haven't got around to doing anything about it. I'll have to get one of my dc to show me how to put them into kindle. Your blog looks lovely with your new format.


  3. I can see why you would get on a roll with those fun cushions – the second one down is my favorite; it gives the impression of having some velveteen pieces in there, and reminds me of an old crazy quilt we have.


  4. That one was going to be a quilt but with 1 1/2 inch squares I decided I'd do a cushion instead. It does look like velveteen in that photo – hadn't noticed that before you pointed it out.


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