Mother Culture

Some quotes and thoughts that have stirred my heart or encouraged me in some way this week:
‘Everyone on this earth should believe, amid whatever madness or moral failure, that his life and temperament have some object on the earth. Everyone on the earth should believe that he has something to give the world which cannot otherwise be given.’
I keep a prayer notebook. For each day of the month I have a list of people I pray for. I also have a couple of pages set aside for my immediate family with ongoing prayer reminders and scriptures I pray over each of them and I’d neglected this notebook in recent months. I was still praying but some people slipped through the cracks because I didn’t think of them in the busyness of life. I read these words and was stirred to be more faithful in prayer:
‘If you are not getting the hundredfold more, not getting insight into God’s Word, then start praying for your friends, enter into the ministry of the interior. “The Lord turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends.” Job 42:10 Wherever God puts you in circumstances, pray immediately…Pray for your friends now; pray for those with whom you come in contact now…’
Oswald Chambers
After reading the words by Chambers above I also thought that I should be putting feet on my prayers. I decided I’d act upon what the Lord put on my heart that day – pray and then follow it up with an action, however small. For me that meant an email, a phone call, a visit, some text messages, a letter, a card.
‘As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by failing to pray for you.’ 1 Samuel 12:23

My intention: to put feet on at least one of the prayers I pray today. 

A picture of a friendship between two couples inspired me to have a large-spirit mentality in my relationships:
‘In the ripened Indian summer weather, those two once again choose us. In circumstances where smaller spirits might let envy corrode liking, they declare their generous pleasure in our company and our good luck…
We have been invited into their lives, from which we will never be evicted or evict ourselves.’
Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner
Sometimes my children have not appreciated reading and memorising Poetry. “When are we ever going to use this? What’s the point?”
Well, one day it might save your life.
We’ve just completed Plutarch’s life of Nicias. The Syracrusans had defeated the Athenians and the Athenian prisoners were sent to the quarries or into slavery and their commanders executed. But there were some who gained their freedom in an unusual way:
‘Several were saved for the sake of Euripides, whose poetry, it appears, was in request among the Sicilians more than among any of the settlers out of Greece. And when any travelers arrived that could tell them some passage, or give them any specimen of his verses, they were delighted to be able to communicate them to one another. Many of the captives who got safe back to Athens are said, after they reached home, to have gone and made their acknowledgments to Euripides, relating how that some of them had been released from their slavery by teaching what they could remember of his poems, and others, when straggling after the fight, been relieved with meat and drink for repeating some of his lyrics. Nor need this be any wonder, for it is told that a ship of Caunus fleeing into one of their harbors for protection, pursued by pirates, was not received, but forced back, till one asked if they knew any of Euripides’s verses, and on their saying they did, they were admitted, and their ship brought into harbour.’
We teach Poetry because it nourishes the soul and here it had the added benefit of preserving it.

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