Pilgrim\'s Progress Notebook

Pilgrim\’s Progress is a wonderful read aloud which suits a broad range of ages. I read it to 4 of my children aged 7 to 17 years of age over a number of months and my 15 year old decided he\’d do a pictorial narration. These are some of the notebook pages he did. It got out of order in the way I scanned it but it gives an idea of what he did.

19 thoughts on “Pilgrim\'s Progress Notebook

  1. Wow! Your son did a great job on those notebook pages! My husband, myself, and our 16yo read this book together as a read aloud about three years ago. Karen


  2. He's always been very neat with his writing…pity I can't say the same about his room, although he does share it with two brothers. He doesn't like drawing so I was surprised that he chose to do a pictorial type narration.


  3. First time visitor; popping in from Keeping Company. Very lovely and inspirational! I agree with Celeste: I still have a few that will be reading this in the future! Thanks for sharing.


  4. My first two did made a scroll of sorts with drawings…I love the detail and the color your son did! You can really see that you had them do their work carefully. I need to S L O W down with my children and have them take the time to do good work. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  5. I just love this! I am finishing up PP with my oldest now, the artist, and wish we would have thought to do something so memorable. Fantastic idea and beautiful work – definitely worth the Keeping!


  6. Thanks Kristyn. Just last night my ds who did this was showing a friend some of the notebooks he kept which included the one above. He turns 18 tomorrow and is an apprenticed plumber but he still gets pleasure looking back at his own Keeping efforts.


  7. So neat to see your 15 year old illustration 🙂 I'm just getting started on the Pilgrim's Progress with my two boys, 6 and 8. 🙂 Browsing blogs to see what neat ideas we might be able to try. Thanks for sharing!


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