The Book Thief Movie

My sister-in-law recommended The Book Thief by Markus Zusak a few years ago while we were visiting family interstate and I read her copy while we were there. I enjoyed the book but read it fairly quickly and my impression at the time was it was good but not great. Last night I went with a group of friends to watch the movie. It was beautifully done and I came away thinking that I needed to get hold of the book and read it again.
The cast was picked to perfection and I couldn\’t fault the acting or anything about the movie, actually. I don\’t watch a lot of movies and when I do I tend to stick with the BBC productions, and this one was as good as some of my favourites. It was just over two hours long, which satisfies my criteria for watching a movie – i.e. decently long.
It\’s been too long since reading the book for me to say how closely the movie follows the plot, but a couple of friends said it did veer a little but not enough to spoil the story.
Highly recommended!

3 thoughts on “The Book Thief Movie

  1. I have read the book, but some time ago… I never catch up with movies, but I will like to see more of the books I like that have been made into movies… I would love to watch this movie, the book is one of my favorites, but, being a male author, the kiss did not happen. I would have added it into it, ha ha ha.


  2. I’m planning to watch the movie again this week. My 15 yr old read the book earlier this year and really liked it – more than I did, by the sounds of things, but she hasn’t seen the movie yet. The scenery is just beautiful. 🙂


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