Free Bits & Pieces: Art & Craft, Latin, Books


The Bible in Latin, (the Vulgate or ‘common translation’)

The New Testament in Latin (and Greek) – audio.

A PDF of the book below, A Junior Latin Reader by Sanford and Scott can be found here.

Latin dictionary and Grammar aid.

A History of the Latin language.

I found this website very helpful generally with ideas for reading material in Latin.


This Montessori website has a number of helpful resources for art and music e.g. Impressionist art cards;
music cards to help learn notes of the C Major scale;  If you go to the Material Menu you can find some timeline helps under History and other free stuff in the other subject sections such as outline maps.

Free Books

 How to Draw Birds by Raymond Sheppard


I’m putting this here because I’ve actually made this bag and found the instructions were quite easy to follow.
It’s a good size for me to cart around my various sewing projects. My bag doesn’t look as nice as this one as I just used a variety of gingham material I had on hand at the time. I can’t post a picture of mine at present because my daughter borrowed our camera to take on her honeymoon.

Free Hama Bead designs. We get these beads from Ikea where they are called PYSSLA Beads. They are very good for developing eye-hand co-ordination and keeping large groups of children of a variety of ages absorbed for a long time.
To get started you need the beads and a shape/template – a sort of little peg board – on which to place the beads (we bought a set like the one below, right).

You then design a picture with a combination of different coloured beads and when that is done it needs to be covered with a piece of baking paper and using a hot iron on a dry setting, iron over the design evenly for about ten seconds –  don’t iron directly over the beads without the baking paper on top! You then just have to let the beads cool slightly and carefully remove your design off the shaper. We’ve done these at home and  at kid’s holiday programmes and they’re always a hit. An image search on Google for hama beads shapes gives oodles of ideas for designs.

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