Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

                                    Welcome to the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival for July 2013

 Knowledge of Man: Literature 
To read Charlotte Mason\’s ideas on this subject see here.
 If any of the links don\’t work or you find they are not going where they should please let me know in the comments section. Could I encourage everyone to be a bit magnanimous and perhaps encourage one or two people whose blog posts you may not have left a comment on before? \’Never lose a chance of saying a kind word.\’ (William Makepeace Thackeray)
And now to the delights of the Carnival………

Lanaya writes about Saying Goodbye to Old Friends at Delightful Education. I\’m sure most of us can relate to her feelings!

The Study of Literature is the subject of Nebby\’s post at Letters From Nebby – what Charlotte Mason thought was appropriate literature for children.

  La Lecture by Berthe Morisot
Amy writes about her personal growth and its effect on changing her views on literature at Crossing the Brandywine

Mama Squirrel at Dewey\’s Treehouse  writes  about Pomegranates, Pears and Literature (yum!). Charlotte Mason\’s book lists are delicious.

 The Reader by Pierre Auguste Renoir

A glimpse into the Windy Hill Home School\’s Summer Break and a review and wrap up of Ambleside Online Year 2 are the topics Laurke is sharing on her posts.

This is In the Magpie\’s Nest  first time participating in the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival, so welcome and thank you for sharing Moral Tales For all That Ails!

Auguste Reading to Her Daughter by Mary Cassatt

On the subject of Nature Study,  Why We Walk the Same Trail Every Week is a post linked with who also talks about why her blog has been gathering dust – read about her exciting news.
Amy, our Carnival organiser shares in Ah.This is the Life about their Monday nature study and invites others to join them by linking their nature study posts to the Fisher Academy Blogspot – and it doesn\’t have to be on a Monday!
A Girl Reading by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

 On her post at Joyous Lessons Celeste shares her research on Learning Languages using Charlotte Mason\’s own writings, Parent Review articles and Programmes.

Megan shares her experience and resources for Foreign Language Acquisition at The Winding Ascent Blog.

At Our Journey Westward Cindy discusses Living Books and shares some great lists to help you find them.

Rebecca at Down a Rabbit Trail shares her thoughts with the post Keep Calm and Step Away From the Books!

Woman Reading by Mary Cassatt




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