Homemade: Laundry Liquid & Relish

I was getting fed up seeing dirty white streaks all over the washing each time I used commercial laundry detergents and I also noticed that the powdered detergent I was buying had stuff in it which looked liked some sort of filler so I made my own.
This was so easy & took only a short amount of time that I\’ll continue making it. I like to know my time is well spent and I\’m not just making more work for myself so I try to be careful about being too \’do it yourself,\’ as much as I dream of being wonder woman.

I used this recipe here. I\’ll just add that I use a pot solely for this purpose and use 1 cup of the liquid per load as I have a large capacity machine and I always have mega amounts of washing. The Reader\’s Digest book Back to Basics is also a good resource for homemade articles of all sorts.

A lady from church used to make this relish and sell it with other goods to help provide some income for an orphange overseas. She had to stop production about a year ago and my husband kept saying I should get the recipe from her as we couldn\’t find a relish that was tomato based and didn\’t have fruit in it.

I have a genetic aversion to following recipes and must adjust everything so didn\’t put as much sugar in as the recipe asked for and I used palm sugar from the Asian supermarket – about $1.95 for 500 grams. This altered the taste a little but no one complained. You can delete the cornflour but it will take longer to thicken.

Tangy Tomato Relish
3kg tomatoes                                          1 kg onions
1 kg sugar                                                  1.5L vinegar
2 Tabs curry                                              1 Tabs cayenne
2 Tabs mustard                                       2 Tabs salt
1 Tabs turmeric                                      cornflour to thicken
Blend tomatoes and onion in food processor or cut up finely
Place in boiler with sugar and most of vinegar (reserve some for spices
and thickening)
Boil, adding blended spices and boil till thick
                           Thicken with blended cornflour if necessary.
** Double spices for Extra Tangy or Rajkot Relish

Many thanks to Hazel!
  Update: I forgot to add that I sterilised the jars & metal lids first, of course, and then put  the still hot relish into the still hot, dried in the oven jars and then sealed them firmly.

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