Ambleside Online Year 9 – modified for an Australian context – Part 1

Ambleside Year 9 is heavy on American History and I’m in the process of adapting it for use in our Aussie context. We’ll still have some American content but it will be alongside a general look at what was happening in the rest of the world at this time also, with the addition of the neglected William Dampier, in particular – who turns out to be a very interesting character – and other discoverers and explorers in our part of the world.
I hope to have the bulk of it done soon but in the meantime here is a comparative timeline of this era of history which I’ve found very helpful:

Term 1: 1688-1730
1688. Fall of the Stuart dynasty; accession of William of Orange.
1699. Dampier\’s voyage in the Roebuck; anchorage in Sharks Bay.
1714. Death of Queen Anne.
1728. Birth of James Cook.
Term 2: 1730-1786
1756. Birth of Nicolas Baudin. De Brosses publishes his Histoire des Navigations aux Terres Australes.
1759. Wolfe captures Quebec.
1765. Watt\’s invention of the steam-engine.
1766. Bougainville\’s voyage to the South Seas.
1768 to 1770. Cook\’s voyage in the Endeavour; discovery of Botany Bay, Port Jackson, and Eastern
1769. Charles Decaen born.
1769. Birth of Napoleon Bonaparte.
1771. Marion-Dufresne\’s voyage to Tasmania and New Zealand.
1773. Boston tea riots.
1774. Matthew Flinders born.
1774. Meeting of first American Congress.
1775. Francois Peron born.
1776. Declaration of Independence.
1778 to 1779. Cook\’s third voyage and death.
1778. Death of Chatham.
Term 3: 1786-1815
1785 to 1788. Voyage of La Perouse; call at Port Jackson.
1788. Founding of New South Wales
1789. Mutiny of the Bounty.
1789. Washington elected first President of United States.
            Fall of the Bastille.
1790. Flinders joins the Navy.
1790. Burke\’s Reflections on the French Revolution.
1791. Vancouver on the western Australian coast.
           Dentrecasteaux\’s voyage to Australia.
           Flinders sails with Bligh\’s second bread-fruit expedition.
1791. Passing of the Canada Act.
1795. Flinders\’ first voyage to Australia in the Reliance.
1795. Ceylon surrendered to the British by the Dutch.
            Establishment of the Institute of France.
1797. Battle of Cape St. Vincent. Battle of Camperdown.
1798. Discovery of Bass Strait and of Westernport by George Bass.
           Flinders and Bass circumnavigate Tasmania in the Norfolk.
1798. Battle of the Nile.
           Irish Rebellion.
1799. Bonaparte becomes First Consul of the French Republic.
1800. (May) Bonaparte authorises the despatch of Baudin\’s expedition.
           (October) The expedition sails.
           (December) Grant reaches Port Jackson in the Lady Nelson.
1800. Battle of Marengo.
1801. (May) Baudin\’s ships reach Australia.
           (July) Flinders sails from England in the Investigator.
           (August) Le Geographe reaches Timor.
           (November) Baudin\’s ships sail from Timor to Tasmania.
           (December) The Investigator reaches Australia.
1801. Battle of Copenhagen.
1802. (January) Murray discovers Port Phillip.
           (February) Flinders discovers Spencer\’s Gulf; Murray enters Port Phillip.
           (March) French ships separated by storm.
           (April) Meeting of Flinders and Baudin in Encounter Bay; Flinders enters
           Port Phillip.
          (May) Investigator reaches Port Jackson.
          (June) Baudin reaches Port Jackson.
          (July) Flinders sails for Gulf of Carpentaria.
          (November) French ships leave Sydney.
          (December) Le Naturaliste sails for Europe; the Cumberland at King
           Island; Robbins erects the British flag; Le Geographe and Casuarina sail
           for Kangaroo Island.
1802. Peace of Amiens.
1803. (January) Freycinet in Spencer\’s and St. Vincent\’s Gulfs.
           (June) Le Geographe again at Timor; Le Naturaliste enters Havre;
           Investigator returns to Port Jackson.
           (July) Baudin abandons exploration and sails for Mauritius.
           (August) Flinders wrecked in the Porpoise.
           Derwent River Settlement formed.
           (September) Death of Baudin.
           (December) Flinders calls at Mauritius in the Cumberland; is imprisoned.
1803. Sale of Louisiana by France to United States.
           Renewal of the great war.
1804. Le Geographe arrives at Lorient.
            Hobart Settlement formed.
1804. Napoleon becomes Emperor.
1805. Battle of Trafalgar.
1806. Napoleon signs order for release of Flinders.
1806. Death of William Pitt.
1807. Publication of first volume of Voyage de Decouvertes aux Terres
           Australes, with first atlas.
1810. (July) Liberation of Flinders.
           (October) Mauritius blockaded by the British.
           (December) Capitulation of Mauritius; death of Peron.
1810. Napoleon marries Marie Louise.
1811. Second part of French atlas published.
1812. Publication of Freycinet atlas of charts.
1812. The retreat from Moscow.
            British Naval War with U.S.A.
1814. Publication of Flinders\’ Voyage to Terra Australis; death of Flinders (July).
1814. Abdication of Napoleon.
1815. Publication of volume 3 of Voyage de Decouvertes.
1815. Battle of Waterloo.

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